After Bitcoin Pens, Luxury Pen Producer Launches Ethereum Pens

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Ancora1919, among the foremost luxury pen producers worldwide is set to release a limited-edition variety of Ethereum pens. This comes after the company started a comparable launch for Bitcoin pens in December 2017. The company is ready to receive pre-production orders for the Ethereum

pens.This launch is yet another example of the steady increase of crypto-merchandising in pop culture. On online platforms like the Bitcoin Shop, individuals can buy crypto-branded items, numerous of which are limited-edition and of substantial value within the community.

(Source: Bitcoinpens )The ETH Pens There will be 888 rollerball and 88 water fountain Ethereum pens. A declaration on the business’s website said that the maximum variety of stated pens will stay capped for perpetuity, unlike the Ethereum blockchain which just has a yearly cap of ETH tokens.

(Source: Eth-pen)Each pen will have a special production number etched on the bottom. This will be a proof of credibility. The nib of the pens will be made of 18-carat gold. Even more, the rollout process for the Ethereum pens closely looks like that of a normal ICO project. There are separate offers for the pre-production and the production stage which is akin to the pre-ICO and ICO stages of a crypto crowdsale. Ancora1919 is providing a 50 percent discount on the retail price for client purchase of the pens throughout the pre-production phase. This provision implies that clients can buy the Ethereum water fountain pen for $1,250 and the Ethereum rollerball pen for $1,000.

At the production phase, the company is using a 40 percent discount on the retail price. Hence, the fountain pen will cost $1,500, and the rollerball pen will cost $1,250. The list price for the water fountain and the rollerball pen are $2,500 and $2,250 respectively.Ancora1919 has actually likewise released a roadmap for the rollout of the pens to the marketplace. The pre-production phase is supposed to begin on April 8 to May 8, 2018. The production stage will be from May 12 to May 27, 2018. Retail sales of the pen will begin from July 1, 2018. Before shipping to retail shops, the business plans to provide pens with unique numbers to some customers.These number lists fall under 3 categories: Platinum, Gold, and Silver. Platinum series pens will cost 15 ETH($7,300), Gold series pens will cost 10 ETH($4,80 ), and Silver series pens will cost 5 ETH($2,400 ). Interested celebrations should keep in mind that the dollar amounts are

based on the current price of ETH. The unique number series will be provided on April 30, 2018. All specially numbered pens will include a complimentary leather pen pouch.Riding the Crypto Boom Wave There are indicators that the business isn’t really done riding the crypto boom wave

. Ancora1919 is set to announce another limited-edition series of cryptocurrency pens in May 2018. There is a continuous ballot procedure on the business’s website where voters can choose among Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, and Ethereum Classic as the next cryptocurrency to have its own variety of high-end pens. Ancora1919 also proudly accepts both bitcoin and ethereum for payments.The post After Bitcoin

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